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  • We have created the most exciting two seater jet helicopter in the world. Not only is it turbine powered, but incorporates the best safety and backup features on any two seater helicopter in production. With the design of the new sleeker body, we are ready to take it worldwide. The new helicopter design is harmoniously combined with its innovation technology and safety.
  • All inner parts of the Piranha have come together to create a harmonious flying machine that is set to change the nature of the game. Superior design, innovative engineering, top materials and a powerful jet engine allow for a highly maneuverable helicopter with a wide array of possible applications and all the power required to get the job done. The Piranha features a robust turbine engine, integrated right angle gearbox and a fully automated governor. The chassis is made of carbon fibre composite corrosion free structures. Furthermore, after testing, we are proud to announce that the Piranha has the second best autorotation capabilities of any helicopter (including military).
  • The power to weight ratio is second to none.
  • GENERAL SPECS The Piranha stands 7.8’ tall and is 19.8’ long. The rotor blades span 23’ and the tail rotor is 2.6’.The helicopter uses a Rolls Royce KHD 312 turbine engine, which gives it a top speed of 115 kts and a cruise of 85 kts. Rate of climb is 1600 fpm and it has a service ceiling of 12,500’. Gross weight is 1330 lbs and it has an empty weight of 540 lbs. With a full load of fuel, you get a payload of 645 lbs. Range of the helicopter is 250 miles. Endurance is 2,5 hours with standard tanks. HIGE is 10,800’ and HOGE is 8000’.
  • The aircraft was involved in an extensive series of fatigue tests, and a number of parts were tested to absolute destruction. For its military role, the UAV Piranha can be transported on and deployed from frigates and other Navy ships that are likely to reach the battle-space before aircraft carriers. As a result, the Piranha will be able to supple-ment the mission of the Navy’s jet fighters by providing early recon-naissance and payload capabilities quickly and cheaply. As modified for the Navy’s use, the Piranha will carry enough fuel to allow it to operate for up to 16 hours. Its imagery payload has an infrared imaging sensor and a daylight color television camera.

  • THE BLADES are FAA Certified Infinite Life Composite Asymmetrical blades incorporating Blade Twist and Cambered Airfoil. Very high rotor efficiency and high inertia in auto-rotation. Producing 15 lbs/hp!
  • THE BLADE HUB is comprised of a Teetering hinge with Elastometric bearings. Tension and Torsion straps incorporated.
  • THE ENGINE is a Rolls Royce KHD 312 turbine Engine. Turboshaft, single stage radial compressor with reverse flow annular combustor, two stage axial turbine. 190Shp/64,000 rpm/sea level. Overhauled on condition.
  • THE FUEL USED is Kerosene, JP-1 or JP-4, Diesel.
  • THE TRANSMISSION is a Gearbox made of aero-space grade 7075 T6 billet aluminum, CNC precision machined. Oil cooled. No belts used.
  • THE GOVERNOR Incorporated in the ECU - RPM stability approximately +-0.5% of preset. Excellent performance with very fast response.

  • A FULLY AUTOMATIC START SEQUENCER is incorporated, making it impossible to have a hot start.
  • FULL AUTHORITY DIGITAL ENGINE CONTROL (FADEC) New modern and powerful ECU with double redundancy. Automatic re-ignition comes as standard featured. Capable to incorporate many more additional modules, such as autopilot or Stability Augmentation Systems, able to be updated easily.
  • FLIGHT DATA RECORDING SYSTEM (FDR) All flight data is recorded in one second increments downloadable on a pc via a usb port.
  • STANDARD INSTRUMENTS Glass Cockpit using two Bright Light EFIS screens, a series of backup analog instruments and an alert panel with press to test led lights.

    The helicopter will be certified under the experimental category.

  • more on the engine more on the structure/systems more on the avionics