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Our company LAE Helicopters Cyprus was established in 2002 by Platon Markides, an aviation engineer. He set out to develop a fly safe power plant system for the Ultrasport 496 Helicopter. After years of development and testing eventually the Turbine retrofit for the 496 Helicopter had been created. So far around 23 Ultrasport helicopters are flying with turbine engine as power plant and completed more than 5000 Hours in total.

LAE has spent six years and the combined efforts of a 7-men team of design, engineering, manufacturing, and systems specialists in development of a new a turbine-powered, carbon-fiber-composite, two-seat helicopter with diverse mission potential - recreational, instructional, and personal flight, such as commuting. We have reached a stage where the main obstacles have been overcome and the design of the new helicopter the Piranha can be manufactured.

The Piranha helicopter is developed in collaboration between LAE Helicopters Cyprus and Guv Electronics of Romania. Sub-assemblies are produced in Cyprus and Romania and final assembly will be carried out around the beginning of 2021 in Craiova, Romania.

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