The Piranha avionics suite

The newer upgraded version of ECU [Electronic Control Unit] that controls and governs the Turbine engine is a state of the art development. It has been designed from scratch to meet all our requirements, including extra capacity for future developments and additions. The new ECU includes a modern electronic engine management system [FADEC- Full Authority Digital Engine Control] and new super bright 7 inch LED screen EFIS panel. An 18 super bright LED warning light panel is also included in the cockpit above the LED screen.

  • Engine electronic flight instrument system [EFIS] panel specificaly designed and developed for the Piranha, that includes all the main and secondary engine instruments. The engine EFIS provides visual and/or auditory alerts. The system is easily customizable and upgradable.
  • Full high-tech flight EFIS panel featuring customizable primary flight display [PFD] with synthetic vision capable for both VFR and IFR operations, electronic HSI, high resolution terrain mapping, navigation functions, actual winds aloft indication etc. All these features increase the pilot's situational awareness significantly. It comes standard with Heading Reference System (ADAHRS), GPS Navigation, and Backup Battery.
  • Extra basic analog instruments for redundancy.
  • Warning panel with 18 super bright LED lights possitioned at the top of the panel with press to test lights.
  • 32 Bit Microprocessor/ Micro controller
  • Analog Signal Conditioning and Interfacing
  • Low Level Sensor Interfacing [Thermocouples, etc]
  • Frequency Inputs and Outputs
  • Power Drive Electronics [Motors, Solenoids Valves]
  • Power Supply and Filtering for High Noise “Electrically Dirty” Applications
  • Flat Panel Display System
  • Real Time Embedded Software for a 16 or 32 bit processors
  • Embedded C Programming
  • RFI insensitive opto couplers on all external connections
  • Able to operate from 5V to 32V, maximum current consumption during start up 25A, during normal operation approximately 5A
  • The system performs around 52 milion culculations per second
  • Full flight data recorder [FDR] that records all the parameters of the engine for the last eight hours in one second increments. The data can be downloaded on a usb memory stick or automatically be sent to a recipient via gsm network.
  • A 20-channel data recording system was installed, and five accelerometers were attached to the airframe of the test vehicle.
  • Automatic Start Sequencer that takes care of all engine checks up to the self sustainable speed of 40%, making it impossible to have a hot-start
  • Fault Detection System that sends the alerts on to the EFIS screen.
  • High precision RPM Governor that maintains RPM stability within approximately +-0.5% no-load/full-load
  • The ECU comes with double redundancy, it has a very high capacity enabling it to accept additions, such as autopilot, stability augmentation system etc. It is easily upgradable and customizable.
  • The engine EFIS, shown on the left, features an easy user interface through touch screen technology The Flight EFIS, shown here, increases the pilot's situational awareness significantly