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To answer the questions by many of you interested in the Piranha helicopter LAE decided to create this new section with statements on the progress of the development, testing and delivering our helicopters. We will be updating this page every 3 months on a regular basis.

PRESS RELEASE March 12 2018

  • All drawings including manufacturing drawings for the Piranha helicopter have been completed by the end of 2016.
  • The ECU (including FADEC), the RR engine, the new proportional valve fuel management system, the reduction gearbox and clutch assembly and the lubrication system have all been tested during 2017 and the first two months of 2018 with great success. All tests were completed after being installed on another similar platform and are all ready to be fitted to the new airframe for final testing.
  • All the new critical components including landing gear, transmission, main rotor system and tail rotor system have been tested for the last few years on a similar platform with great success.
  • We are currently working on producing the molds for the airframe. Although we can not be sure about the final date of production of the airframe and fuselage, we estimate to have all the structure ready and assembled before the end of autumn 2018. Thorough flight testing will follow. The manufacturing will be done using the latest hi-tech manufacturing practices.
  • The time of the delivery of the first production helicopter will be announced at a later time, but it's currently estimated to start sometime around the middle of 2019. The price tag, as many are asking, will be disclosed right after the flight testing program, since we have to be more certain of all the production and other costs involved. At the same time we will start receiving sale orders.
  • We can promise a great helicopter at an attractive price, but please bear with us for more...