using the Piranha

The Piranha's daily life

The huge amount of power available to a helicopter this size means that it is able to comfortably lift equipment suitable for any number of applications. A non exhaustive list includes the following:

1. Recreational

Use Personal transportation in congested areas or regions where travelling by car can be dangerous or inconvenient.

2. Pilot Training

Hours accumulated contribute to turbine pilot hours. This is applicable particularly within the military where this helicopter can be used as a stepping point between reciprocating engine experience and the larger turbine engine powered helicopters. The forgiving nature of this machine makes it ideal for the novice pilots.

3. Agricultural Uses

Farm services: crop spraying, seeding and Fertilizing.

4. Land Surveying

This helicopter is a better choice for surveying than other helicopters as the cockpit is large enough to easily support a laptop and supplementary equipment. With the power to weight ratio that the Piranha offers mounting external cameras as well as gps mapping equipment is an easy task.

5. Animal Tracking

Land or sea based animals may be tracked. So called spotter planes are used on fishing ships which are sent out to find shoals of fish for the main ships to follow and harvest. The same can be done in the southern African bush for game tracking by vets or game rangers. Can also be used for cattle herding operations.

6. Aerial Filming and Photography

7. Agricultural and Forestry Operations

Speed from start to lift-off is critical for firefighting conditions.